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Steak Perfection

This SteakPerfection.com website and the related SteakPerfection book present the secrets for steak perfection -- how to achieve steak perfection at home and how to find steak perfection at restaurants.  This website and the book explain all the requirements for steak perfection, from the breed, through the grading and marbling scores, to the aging, cutting, trimming, grilling and serving.  Every step along the way presents an opportunity to ensure steak perfection, but that also means that there are many potential mis-steps that must be avoided.

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The Steak Perfection Society requests the public's assistance to identify local restaurants and chefs in cities around the world that achieve steak perfection.  This website will maintain a database with this information.  Please email us with the names of restaurants and chefs in your city that achieve steak perfection. 

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  • Steak Perfection Society

    The Steak Perfection Society is the worldwide community of those who appreciate and want to enhance their understanding of steak perfection -- the rich appearance, deep taste and contrasting textures of the world's very best steak.

    The Steak Perfection Society provides diners and chefs around the world with information and advice for identifying and achieving steak perfection. Members of the Steak Perfection Society participate in an online community to exchange information and recipes, and they organize conferences and taste-testings to share their excitement for steak perfection.

    Information about membership in the Steak Perfection Society is available here.


    The Steak Perfection website provides authoritative information for achieving or finding Steak Perfection.

    Please email us with your questions, suggestions, corrections and comments.


    The Original Delmonico's Restaurant - where Steak Perfection began

    Steak Perfection began at the original Delmonico's Restaurant in Manhattan.  In the 1850's, the Italian chef, Alessandro Filippinni, designed the very first dish that attained Steak Perfection, which he called the Delmonico Steak.  Unfortunately, the restaurant closed in the 1920's, and none of today's Delmonico's is the original.

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    Researchers and reviewers . . .

    This Steak Perfection website seeks researchers and reviewers from around the world.  Researchers and reviewers will provide stories and data for attaining steak perfection.

    Please contact us to volunteer.

    Preliminary Requirements for SteakPerfection

    There are three preliminaries for a steak even to be considered for SteakPerfection

    • First, the short loin steak (i.e. New York, porterhouse, etc.) must be the highest quality, which in the U.S. means USDA Prime Grade (or the equivalent), with a marbling score of at least Moderately Abundant (called Prime0 or better, with at least 12.1% intramuscular fat). 
    • Second, the steak must be dry-aged 30 days or more in a properly controlled meat locker.
    • Third, the steak must be grilled over live, hardwood coals

    If a steak meets these three preliminary requirements, then it may be further evaluated to determine if it has achieved SteakPerfection.

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